DSC03407ph.d. candidate
psychology & social policy
princeton university

curriculum vitae

i broadly research social cognition, perception, interaction, & justice – specifically in racial, immigrant, and queer contexts. i have shared my undocuqueer life story on: cnn, daily princetonian, princeton alumni weekly.

i also blog and gather resources for varying topics (statistics, programming, social justice).

current labs: alex todorov lab | betsy levy paluck lab

current projects

representation and learning of social identities: dynamics of person perception using insights from computational methods and memory processes in the context of social interactions and learning. specific focus on the cognitive organization of identities and how they flexibly shift with time, context, group membership, social affiliations and how they may inform social problems (e.g., anti-immigrant discourse, racism, stereotyping).

media coverage: scientific american, vox

intersubjectivity in evaluations: development of statistical methods to quantify the idiosyncrasy or sharedness of evaluations across rater demographics (group membership), stimuli (faces, objects, social groups, and discourse), and political/conflict contexts as a way to map shared understanding and steer it in prosocial directions.

queer health: mapping the socio-moral judgments of men who take truvada (aka PrEP, a daily pre-exposure prophylaxis pill for h.i.v. prevention) in relation to sexual behavior (e.g., “promiscuity”) and the socio-medical framing of truvada itself as means for improving PrEP uptake.

media coverage: aidsmap

other areas of interest

society: critical theories: {race, class, queer, feminism}, immigrants, citizenship, social movements, identitarian politics, social discourse.
cognition: memory, representation, decision making, executive functions, development.
philosophy: subjectivity, phenomenology, social constructionism, ontology, postmodernism.
 mixed effect modeling, variance decomposition, measurement.