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Here I will aggregate sources related to programming tutorials, gathering data through different mediums and processing that data. This page is under construction.



  • Udacity Tutorial
    • Excellent tutorial that Jon Cohen used for his cognitive psychology course.



Gather Data

Web Scraping



Process Data


  • If you collect data from Qualtrics but analyze in R, you will find that the format you download the data in from Qualtrics is not R friendly. I found this website that gives some great instructions to make the preprocessing of the data that is pretty simple.


  • I use Rmarkdown in Rstudio to create my analysis scripts in a reproducible way, and in a way that allows easy documentation into pdf or html form.
  • Links on how to use it. Cheat sheet. Documentation.
  • I realized that it is possible to write python code in Rmarkdown! Check the deets here. I have been making tutorials for the lab so this will come in very handy. I’m probably behind the times on this, but I figured I would share.
  • Papaya – to write APA style papers
  • Skimr – get the most out of summary statistics of data frames.
  • Write thesis in R markdown


  • If you gather data on online databases, it’s possible it will come in JSON format, which is very not R friendly. However there are some ways to get around this.
  • R package: jsonlite, Link (I use this method)
  • R package: tidyjson, Link
  • R tutorials on hacking through the json data: LinkLink


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